Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Wiki

The player can get this from Qu the Colorful in Inglenook if they want to become Novice of the Brewer's Guild.

Part 1: Bring the Materials[]

Qu the Colorful is interesting. I a 'speak about yourself in the third person' kind of way.

Qu the Colorful asks you to bring him 4xCeliumFlowerIcon.pngCelium Flower and 4xBlueBerryIcon.pngBlue Berry. Flowers can be gathered in The Grasslands, berries can be grown and harvested on any farm. You can also buy everything from the tradesman here in Inglenook.

After gathering 4xCeliumFlowerIcon.pngCelium Flower and 4xBlueBerryIcon.pngBlue Berry speak with Qu again.

Part 2: Make Some Blue Dye[]

  • After reporting back to him, Qu says:
Qu the Colorful gave me a recipe to make some dyes! I cannot wait to see what I can do with these.

Next Qu the Colorful gives you 2 ClayPotIcon.pngClay Pots, 2 BrewersKitIcon.pngBrewer's Kits and a recipe to craft it.

He also teaches you the recipe to craft BlueDyeIcon.pngBlue Dye and asks you to bring him two of them. Craft 2xBlueDyeIcon.pngBlue Dye and speak with him.

Part 3: Light a Firework[]

Qu the Colorful gave me a recipe for some fireworks! Now to set a few of these things off.

Next Qu the Colorful teachey the recipe to craft BlueFireworkIcon.pngBlue Firework and asks you to craft and light it.

Craft and light a firework. You can also light the one you've had before.

Joining the Brewer's Guild[]

Speak with Qu the Colorful. He will accept you into the Guild, give you BrewersGuildNoviceBadgeIcon.pngBrewer's Guild Novice Badge, and teach you the following Novice Brewer recipes:

You will also get the Brewer Guild Master quest.