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Akuna Oasis
Akuna Oasis
A desert town within a valley.
Province Radiant Sands
Quests Purifying the Well
Trees 2 empty tree spots
Murk 1xIcon Murk.png Murk
Residents Adele, Edie, Josiah,
Merchant otOK: Akuna Oasis, Old Hurly, Violet

Akuna Oasis is a town location in Gemea. Here the player can trade for OldKingdomCoinIcon.pngOld Kingdom Coin for ValueSign.png500 each.


The small town is located at the end of a valley, nested in the side of the cliff.



  • Akuna Oasis can only be entered by jumping about sandstone cliffs. The row that leads to the town is very deep in the gap between the sandstone mountains.
  • At the exit of Akuna Oasis are 2 empty tree spots.
  • There is a chest containing 1xSpectrumShampooIcon.pngSpectrum Shampoo under one of the watchtowers.
  • After the player completes the main quest all residents move to the Old Kingdom.