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The player can get this quest from Vera Brawnarm in Cinderton if they want to join the Constructor's Guild.

Task 1: Return Materials[ | ]

We have established I do not have to build a castle. But Vera Brawnarm has me gathering items to make something.

You need to bring Vera Brawnarm 3xStoneIconStone, 2xIronOreIconIron Ore and 1xCoalIconCoal. You can gather them or trade for them here in Cinderton.

Gather 3xStoneIconStone, 2xIronOreIconIron Ore and 1xCoalIconCoal and talk to Vera again.

Task 2: Build[ | ]

So, I have learned to make some cobblestone and iron ingots. Time to put my hammer to good use.

Next Vera Brawnarm gives you 2 ConstructorsKitIconConstructor's Kits. She also teaches you the recipes for making a ConstructorsKitIconConstructor's Kit, CobblestoneIconCobblestone, and IronIngotIconIron Ingot.

Craft 1xCobblestoneIconCobblestone and 1xIronIngotIconIron Ingot from the ingredients you have.

Joining the Constructor's Guild[ | ]

Speak with Vera Brawnarm. He will accept you into the Guild, give you ConstructorsGuildNoviceBadgeIconConstructor's Guild Novice Badge, and teach you the following Novice Constructor recipes:

You will also get the Constructor Guild Master quest.