Bundle Of Sticks

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BundleOfSticksIcon.png Bundle Of Sticks
A conveniently prepped bundle of sticks.
Can be used in crafting, or starting fires.
Value ValueSign.png10
Crafting 1xVineIcon.png 3xStickIcon.png

Bundle Of Sticks is a crafting item made by Wayfarers. The player can get the recipe for crafting it after completing the quest Making a bundle.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Bundle Of Sticks is crafted by Wayfarers using:

It can also be traded for.

Bundle Of Sticks can also be found in barrels and crates by breaking them with a MalletIcon.pngMallet.

Uses[edit | edit source]



  • 2x used in crafting TrapIcon.pngTrap


  • 1x used in crafting MasterCraftsmansKitIcon.pngMaster Craftsman's Kit