Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Wiki

Chests are hidden all over Gemea. They contain shampoo, clothes, backpacks, accessories, hairstyles, seeds, or Old Kingdom Coins.

Crestfall Coast[ | ]

Nr Location Contains
1 Under the western edge of the cliff where the Sage Stone is. 1xCyanShampooIconCyan Shampoo
2 Under the eastern building in Mocha Bay. 1xCopperShampooIconCopper Shampoo
3 Right north of the Riverdrift Mill behind some Murk. 5xPopomoSeedIconPopomo Seed
4 On a hill east of the Riverdrift Mill. 3xRedBerryIconRed Berry
3xBlueBerryIconBlue Berry
5 On a small cliff south of the Riverdrift Mill. Requires repaired wooden bridge to get. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
6 On a strip of land north of the river where the fishing competition takes place.
Cross the shallow part of the river or jump from the ledge in Dapplewood Forest to get there.
1xBlondeShampooIconBlond Shampoo
7 In the cave above the waterfall behind some Murk. 1xAshShampooIconAsh Shampoo
8 Near a rock on the plateau above the waterfall. 2xSeasoningIconSeasoning
9 Across the Crestfall Coast stone bridge. 1xRoundSatchelBackpackIconRound Satchel Backpack

Dapplewood Forest[ | ]

Nr Location Contains
1 Under a big tree north of Fairmont, behind some Murk. 1xPinkShampooIconPink Shampoo
2 East of Deconstruction Den behind some Murk. StoneTilesIconStone Tiles
3 Under the cliff near Grandpa Gidie's camp. 1xBrownShampooIconBrown Shampoo
4 In the ruined house near the western river, behind some Murk. 1xHeadScarfIconHead Scarf
5 On a small plateau above the Sage Stone, behind some Murk.
Accessible from Numino Peak only.
OceanShampooIconOcean Shampoo
6 On a ledge above the waterfalls on the western river.
Accessible from Numino Peak only.
1xOmbreShampooIconOmbre Shampoo
7 Further down the path from chest #5.
Accessible from Numino Peak only, either by following the path or jumping from the plateau above.
2xSilverIngotIconSilver Ingot
8 Near chests #7 and #9. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
9 Near chests #7 and #6. 4xFertilizerIconFertilizer
10 On the narrow river bank east of Arbre Ridge. Accessible by falling from Numino Peak. 1xCopperShampooIconCopper Shampoo
11 On the cliff next to Dapplewood Farm. Can be reached after building Dapplewood Forest wooden bridge. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
12 Next to chest #11. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin

Hearthwind Vale[ | ]

Nr Location Contains
1 Behind the cliff on the plateau near the border with The Grasslands, south of South Field Farm. 1xRedShampooIconRed Shampoo
2 Between some cliffs near the road to Fiffledip Tanners. West of Hipsterious. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
3 West of Fiffledip Tanners. 1xHotHeadHairIconHot-Head Hair
4 Behind the building in Fiffledip Tanners. 1xLeatherIconLeather
5 In the lower Bobbintoff, behind the big stone near the first building right of the gates. 1xRedDyeIconRed Dye
1xBlueDyeIconBlue Dye
6 Behind one of the houses in the upper part of Bobbintoff. 2xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
7 In the southern part of the beach below Bobbintoff. 1xBlueShampooIconBlue Shampoo
8 In the northern part of the beach below Bobbintoff, on a cliff. 3xClothIconCloth
2xBowlerHatIconBowler Hat
9 On the eastern end of the beach below Bobbintoff, behind some Murk. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
10 In the ruined house west of the Sage Stone. 1xGalaxyShampooIconGalaxy Shampoo
11 Above the cave east of the Hearthwind Farm.
Accessible by jumping on some rocks.
3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
12 North of the Hearthwind Farm behind some Murk. 1xPinkShampooIconPink Shampoo
13 In a cave in a narrow valley northeast of Hearthwind Farm behind some Murk. 3xCobblestoneIconCobblestone
14 Near chest #13. 1xSpinningWheelIconSpinning Wheel
15 On the westernmost tip of the region, on a long cape. 1xOceanShampooIconOcean Shampoo

Numino Peak[ | ]

Nr Location Contains
1 On the small island on the northern lake, behind some Murk.
Reachable only in Winter when the lake freezes.
1xDecoratedEggIconDecorated Egg
2 Southwest of the lake, behind some Murk. 4xAlioraSeedIconAliora Seed
3 On a mountain southeast of Sunderwind Farm, behind some Murk. 4xAlioraSeedIconAliora Seed
4 A little off the path from Sunderwind Farm to Dapplewood Forest to the left. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
5 Near a rock on the path to Dapplewood Forest. 1xSilverShampooIconSilver Shampoo
6 On the plateau to the north of Dapplewood Forest Sage Stone. 1xGalaxyShampooIconGalaxy Shampoo
7 In Cinderton, upstairs behind one of the traders. 1xCopperOreIconCopper Ore
1xSilverOreIconSilver Ore
1xConstructorsKitIconConstructor's Kit
8 In Cinderton, up the stairs on the house behind Felicity. 2xIronOreIconIron Ore
9 In Cinderton. Jump up the stairs to the left of the forge and go up and straight until you find a chest behind some candles. 2xCopperOreIconCopper Ore
10 On a cliff south of the lake. Accessible by jumping from the peak. 1xSpectrumShampooIconSpectrum Shampoo
11 On the very top of the peak. 1xOpalShampooIconOpal Shampoo

Radiant Sands[ | ]

chest locations
Location Contains
1 Left of the ferry. 1xGreenShampooIconGreen Shampoo
2 On a ledge in a small cave northwest of the ferry, behind some Murk. 2xWaterIconWater
3 Near chest #2. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
4 Northwest of the Radiant Sands shrine, behind some Murk. 1xOrangeShampooIconOrange Shampoo
5 On the northeastern tip of the region. 1xFlameShampooIconFlame Shampoo
6 On the northern shore behind a cliff. 1xPurpleShampooIconPurple Shampoo
7 Behind The Wizard Dupples' house. 1xSilverShampooIconSilver Shampoo
8 On an stone cliff under the entrance to Akuna Oasis. You need to drop on the cliff. 1xBlueFireworkIconBlue Firework
1xRedFireworkIconRed Firework
1xYellowFireworkIconYellow Firework
9 In Akuna Oasis under the west watchower. 1xSpectrumShampooIconSpectrum Shampoo
10 Southwest of Akuna Oasis behind some Murk. 1xSunglassesIconSunglasses
11 On a small plateau north of Radiant Farm behind some Murk. 3xCoralBloomSeedIconCoral-Bloom Seed
12 Near the northern side of the cliff where Cloud Catcher is behind the Murk cleared by repairing it, on rocks near the river. Accessible by jumping down from the Cloud Catcher or by crossing the river via some rocks from the Old Kingdom. 2xCheeseIconCheese
13 Near the southestern side of the cliff where Cloud Catcher is behind the Murk cleared by repairing it, near the stone arch. Accessible by jumping down from the Cloud Catcher or by crossing the river via some rocks from the Old Kingdom. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
14 West of the tall tower in the Old Kingdom behind a wall. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
15 Southwest of the tall tower in the Old Kingdom in a corner of a ruined house. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
16 East of the tall tower in the Old Kingdom across the river, behind a wall. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
17 On the southern coast, behind a cliff near the mouth of a river. 2xPurpleDyeIconPurple Dye

Sunderwind Wilds[ | ]

Nr Location Contains
1 On a high ledge behind some Murk, near the sign "Emergency party supplies".
Accessible through the cave near Goldlake in The Grasslands.
3xFestivalJuiceIconFestival Juice
2xBlueFireworkIconBlue Firework
2 On the second tier of the ruined bridge to the Old Kingdom. 1xBrownDyeIconBrown Dye
3 Under the ruined bridge to the Old Kingdom. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
4 In a cave south of Wimblewick. 1xConteBeardIconConte Beard
5 On the edge of a cliff north of Springmoor. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
6 On the roof of Conks Lumber Yard. 5xPlankIconPlank
7 On the coast west of Springmoor, behind large stone, near the water. 1xOilSlickShampooIconOil Slick Shampoo
8 On the coast is southwestern part of the region, north of the small lake. 1xBlueShampooIconBlue Shampoo
9 On the cliff southeast of the Sunlight Teleporter, on the border with The Grasslands. 1xGreenShampooIconGreen Shampoo
10 On the northwestern side of the mountain southeast of Wimblewick.
Pretty hard to get, you'll need to jump on some cliffs.
1xGreenFireworkIconGreen Firework
1xBlueFireworkIconBlue Firework
1xYellowFireworkIconYellow Firework
11 Just east of Sunderwind Farm, on a rock. 1xBlackShampooIconBlack Shampoo
12 On the mountain east of Sunderwind Farm, right north of some Murk. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
13 In the small cave east of Sunderwind Farm, above the waterfall.
To get there jump on the ledge below the farm to the northwest, when go left for the cave.
1xGreaserHairIconGreaser Hair
14 On a rock in the water at Wimblewick ferry. 4xShapedPlanksIconShaped Planks
2xCookedFishIconCooked Fish
15 In the area across the stone bridge. Go along the coast to find the chest in the water. 1xBlondeShampooIconBlond Shampoo
16 On the plateau southwest of the Sunlight Teleporter blocked by Murk. 3xWildoburrSeedIconWildoburr Seed
17 In the Troll village on the very top of the rock. 10xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin

The Grasslands[ | ]

Nr Location Contains
1 Below the ledge where you exit the first cave, under the cliff to the right. 1xRedShampooIconRed Shampoo
2 On a small cliff southeast of the ruined house covered with Murk. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
3 In Fairmont in the house where Minnie is, up some stairs. 1xBundleOfSticksIconBundle Of Sticks
4 North of Fairmont behind some Murk. 2xGowlSeedIconGowl Seed
2xSinosaSeedIconSinosa Seed
5 On the roof of the South Field Farm after you repair it.
Reachable by placing several farm structures near the roof to jump on them.
3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
1xTreePlotIconTree Plot
6 In the ruined house north of the South Field Farm behind some Murk. 1xBlackShampooIconBlack Shampoo
7 In a cave behind Kozi west of the South Field Farm. 1xLoopedPonytailsIconLooped Ponytails
8 In the same cave as #7. 2xGoldOreIconGold Ore
9 Behind a large stone south of the lake and Goldlake. 1xAshShampooIconAsh Shampoo
10 On a high cliff on a small island near the East Docks. 1xOrangeShampooIconOrange Shampoo
11 Behind a large stone at the East Docks. 1xBlackRimmedGlassesIconBlack-Rimmed Glasses
12 On a shipwreck behind Captain Pullin. Accessible from a small peninsula to the south. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
13 On top of the mountain to the north of Goldlake.
You can go through the cave near Goldlake and up the mountain.
2xStoneTilesIconStone Tiles
14 Near chest #13. 1xBowlHaircutIconBowl Haircut
15 Behind some rocks on the border with Hearthwind Vale, southwest of the cave and Kozi.
It is west of Fright's Fabbit statues as well.
1xYellowShampooIconYellow Shampoo

The Shivering Plains[ | ]

Nr Location Contains
1 Below the Sage Stone behind some Murk. 1xCyanShampooIconCyan Shampoo
2 West of Inglenook behind some Murk. 1xOmbreShampooIconOmbre Shampoo
3 On a cliff north of Inglenook. The sprite DrakeDrake
4 In Inglenook, behind Josiah's house. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
5 In Inglenook, right of Luff the Sailor's house. 3xClayPotIconClay Pot
6 Behing a house with a cog in the western part of Inglenook. 2xWaterIconWater
7 On the north coast south of two small islands, behind some cliffs. 1xRainbowShampooIconRainbow Shampoo
8 Way south from the Sage Stone behind a large rock surrounded by Aliora Trees. 1xFlameShampooIconFlame Shampoo
9 On a small island in the east. Accessible through jumping from the plateau in Dapplewood Forest where the Sunlight Teleporter is. 3xOldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coin
10 In Arcadia caves behind some Murk. 1xGalaxyShampooIconGalaxy Shampoo
11 On a cliff below Cinderton just west of Sage stone . Accessible from jumping out via path to Cinderton. 1xSpectrumShampooIconSpectrum Shampoo
12 On a Rock next to The cliff where you find Spectrum shampo. 1xOilSlickShampooIconOil Slick Shampoo

Notes[ | ]