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ClayIcon.png Clay
A kind of earth. Shaped when wet, it is then dried and baked to create bricks, pottery, and all sorts of ceramics.
Value ValueSign.png5
Animal GrassFoxIcon.pngGrass Fox

Clay is an item found all around Gemea. It is used in many different crafting recipes.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Clay can be found on the shores of rivers and lakes all year round.

It is also produced by GrassFoxIcon.pngGrass Fox on the farm.

Uses[edit | edit source]




  • 2 used in GardenPlotIcon.pngGarden Plot
  • 1 used in WoodPlanterBoxIcon.pngWood Planter Box
  • Constructor

  • 1 used in MortarIcon.pngMortar
  • 3 used in PlanterBoxIcon.pngPlanter Box
  • Tinker

  • 1 used in FertilizerMakerIcon.pngFertilizer Maker
  • 1 used in TinkersKitIcon.pngTinker's Kit
  • Master

  • 2 used in GroffleCakeStackIcon.pngGroffle Cake Stack

  • Trading