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CoalIcon.png Coal
A combustible, black sedimentary rock.
Value ValueSign.png30
Animal Soot Fox

Coal is one of the basic resources in Yonder. It is used in various crafting recipes.

Sources[edit | edit source]

The player can get coal by mining ore veins with their PickaxeIcon.pngPickaxe or occasionally by breaking crates and barrels with their MalletIcon.pngMallet.

Coal can be traded for 5 StickIcon.pngSticks in Cinderton.

Soot Fox produces coal when housed on the farm.

Uses[edit | edit source]




  • 1 used in WoodenLampPostIcon.pngWooden Lamp Post
  • Constructor

  • 2 used in CopperIngotIcon.pngCopper Ingot
  • 2 used in GoldIngotIcon.pngGold Ingot
  • 1 used in IronIngotIcon.pngIron Ingot
  • 2 used in LeadIngotIcon.pngLead Ingot
  • 2 used in SilverIngotIcon.pngSilver Ingot
  • Tinker

  • 1 used in FertilizerMakerIcon.pngFertilizer Maker
  • Brewer

  • 2 used in BlackDyeIcon.pngBlack Dye
  • 1 used in BlueFireworkIcon.pngBlue Firework
  • 1 used in FieryBoomWaterIcon.pngFiery Boom-Water
  • 1 used in GreenFireworkIcon.pngGreen Firework
  • 1 used in RedFireworkIcon.pngRed Firework
  • 1 used in YellowFireworkIcon.pngYellow Firework

  • Quests