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Conks Lumber Yard
Conks Lumber Yard
A lumbermill that produces PlankIcon.pngPlank.
Province Sunderwind Wilds
Quests Wood for Planks

Conks Lumber Yard is a trading post location in Gemea that exchanges 1xPlankIcon.pngPlank for 10xWoodIcon.pngWood.


Conks Lumber Yard is located near the center of Sunderwind Wilds. There is only one building here. Two traders are inside. The sign in front of the building says Conks Lumber Yard. Squombles are found under the surrounding Gowl Trees.


Four residents live here:


  • Conks Lumber Yard and Springmoor are the same location.
  • Gable.pngGable can be found upstairs on the first night of any season.
  • There is a chest containing 5xPlankIcon.pngPlank on the roof of the building.