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Crafting is a major feature in Yonder, allowing the player to create their own items used in Trading or Farming, or to customize their character further. There is a total of 8 crafting Classes, each with their own unique recipes.

Apart from the Wayfarer class, which is known at the start of the game, all 7 other crafting classes require the player to find their respective Guild leaders in various Towns around Gemea, and complete a quest for them. The Novice tier recipes for that class will then be unlocked for them.

The player may work towards mastering a class, thus gaining access to the Master tier of recipes for that class. To do so, upon completing the introductory quest for a class, the player will be given another quest, tasking them with crafting ValueSign1000 worth of items in that class. They will be rewarded with the Master Badge for that class, along with the appropriate recipes. The Wayfarer and Master classes do not have a Master level of recipes, however -- all recipes will be known when the player discovers quests requiring said recipe (Wayfarer) or have access to all recipes as soon as they learn the class (Master).

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