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Crestfall Coast
Crestfall Coast
A coastal, temperate, tropical region

Cities Mocha BayRiverdrift Mill
Quests AngleChef Guild MasterCrestfall Coast stone bridgeCrestfall Coast wooden bridgeJuiced in timeLauren's Lost LamingtonsSage Stone - Crestfall CoastThe Secret Ingredient
Animals Animals: GlossFoxIconGloss FoxSprigpigIconSprig-pig

Fish: DipFishIconDip FishFulgurFishIconFulgur FishGhostFishIconGhost FishGigalevFishIconGigalev FishKingFishIconKing FishLaceFishIconLace FishLuckyBronzeFishIconLucky Bronze FishLuckySilverFishIconLucky Silver FishLuckyGoldenFishIconLucky Golden FishLuckyRainbowFishIconLucky Rainbow FishNackleFishIconNackle FishPrinceFishIconPrince Fish, • OldSoggyBootIconOld Soggy BootPrincessFishIconPrincess FishQueenFishIconQueen FishYangFishIconYang FishYinFishIconYin Fish

Trees 80 / 104 PopomoSeedIconPopomo Tree
Plants ButtaberryFlowerIconButtaberry FlowerFodderIconGrassMushroomIconMushroomVineIconVine
Cats 2xSummerBlueIconSummer Blue • 8xSummerLongtailIconSummer Longtail
Murk 5xIcon MurkMurk
Sprites CubIconCubPitcherIconPitcherPouchIconPouch

Crestfall Coast is a region and a biome of Gemea.

Description[ | ]

Crestfall Coast is located along the south-eastern coastline of Gemea. It is considered to be the tropical biome of the land, populated by the palm tree-like PopomoSeedIconPopomo Trees and being home to the residents of the coastal town Mocha Bay. SprigpigIconSprig-pigs have called Crestfall Coast their home, giving the impression that the region has many moving flowery bushes. GlossFoxIconGloss Foxes also live here.

Mocha Bay is the home of the Chef's Guild, lead by Jo Jo Cozinheiro.

There are two merchants in Mocha Bay. One of the cooks sells cheap dishes, spices, and fish. He also sells almost all kinds of seeds. The merchant in Kozi's store sells clothes, shampoos, hairstyles and accessories for OldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coins.

Riverdrift Mill is also located here. You can trade 5 flowers for 1 FlourIconFlour there.

The Crestfall Coast Sage Stone if located on the hill between Mocha Bay and Riverdrift Mill. It can be unlocked by catching a fish that is longer than 22cm.

Near the west entrance of Mocha Bay next to the waterfall the fishing competition takes place. The competition is repeatable.

Resources[ | ]

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ButtaberryFlowerIconButtaberry Flowers are the native to Crestfall Coast, growing all around the region, whilst the PopomoSeedIconPopomo Tree is the region's native tree.

Ore veins, StoneIconboulders, VineIconvine bushes and FodderIconhigh grass are scattered about the region.

Animals[ | ]

Two species of animals live here: Gloss Foxes and Sprig-pigs. They produce OilIconOil and flowers respectively when housed on a farm.

There is no farm in Crestfall Coast. The closest one is in Dapplewood Forest.

A lot of fish species are found in Crestfall Coast. A rare LuckyRainbowFishIconLucky Rainbow Fish can be caught on the coast near the glowing jellyfish near Mocha Bay.

Crestfall Coast is also the home of SummerBlueIconSummer Blue and SummerLongtailIconSummer Longtail cats.

Notable Residents[ | ]

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Quests[ | ]

Sprites[ | ]