Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Wiki

The player can get this quest from Captain Pullin in on the beach in The Grasslands.


Phew! Captain Pullin is safe. I'd like to find out if everyone else is safe, too. I do remember Aaerie telling me my friend were safe - was she referring to the crew?

Captain Pullin asks you to find Jib the Sailor, Tack the Sailor, and Luff the Sailor.

Part 1: Find Jib the Sailor[]

I spotted Jib the Sailor on a small island looking for unique ingredients for cooking. I cannot wait to come back and try her stew!

Jib the Sailor is on the island off the coast north of Mocha Bay in Crestfall Coast. To get there you need to clear the Murk with 8 sprites.

She says she is doing well staying in Mocha Bay and cooking new dishes.

Part 2: Find Luff the Sailor[]

Luff the Sailor was found by the Brewer's Guild and taken in. He's settled in, made a home for himself, and really seems happy.

Luff the Sailor stands in front of his house with rope bridge entrance in Inglenook in The Shivering Plains.

He says the Brewers took him in and he is doing great.

Part 3: Find Tack the Sailor[]

I found Tack the Sailor doing what he does best. Out in the fields cataloging everything about the local flora and fauna.

Tack the Sailor is in Sunderwind Wilds west of the Sunlight Teleporter.

He says he is happy doing nature research for Kari.

Return to Captain Pullin[]

Return to Captain Pullin after speaking with three sailors. He will be glad to hear the news and will reward you with SailorsTunicIcon.pngSailor Top and SailorsPantsIcon.pngSailor Pants.