Fulgur Fish

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Fulgur Fish
Fulgur Fish
The mythical Fulgur.
Does it appear when it storms or does it storm when it appears?
Season Any
Location Rivers and Lakes during storms
Max Size 25cm
Base Value Icon Currency.png 480

The Fulgur Fish is one of the freshwater Fish found in Yonder.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It can be caught in lakes and rivers only when it rains or storms and it spawns pretty frequently.
  • It is fairly big, second in size only to the Gigalev Fish.
  • The main difficulty in catching this fish is its size, since it is not that easy to find a spot to place the bobber. Other smaller fish can also hide under the Fulgur and they might get interested in your bait without you noticing.

Uses[edit | edit source]