Gowl Seed

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GowlSeedIcon.png Gowl Seed
Plant this seed to grow a Gowl tree, native to the western coast.
Value ValueSign.png1

GowlSeedIcon.pngGowl Seed is a type of tree seed in Yonder.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Gowl Seed can occasionally be found after chopping the stump of a Gowl Tree with an AxeIcon.pngaxe.

Gowl Seed can also be bought from a trader in Inglenook.

2 Gowl Seeds can be found in a chest in The Grasslands.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Gowl Seed can be planted into an empty tree spot in the wild in any of the regions of Gemea. It grows into a Gowl Tree.

Gowl Seed can also be planted into a TreePlotIcon.pngTree Plot, StoneTreePlotIcon.pngStone Tree Plot, or SmallTreePlanterIcon.pngSmall Tree Planter placed on a farm. It grows into a Gowl Tree and produces WoodIcon.pngWood and StickIcon.pngSticks over time.