Grass Fox

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Grass Fox
Grass Fox
A small and agile grassland animal. Very shy, but loves to play.
Season Spring
Location The Grasslands
Max Size Small
Food FodderIcon.pngFodder
Produce ClayIcon.pngClay

The Grass Fox is an animal found in The Grasslands and one of the first animals encountered. It can be found during Spring, Summer or Autumn and likes to eat FodderIcon.pngFodder.

Grass Fox can be adopted if you have an empty SmallAnimalPenIcon.pngSmall Animal Pen or SturdySmallAnimalPenIcon.pngSturdy Small Animal Pen at the farm. It produces ClayIcon.pngClay while living in the pen.

Kari's Knowledge[edit | edit source]

As with other animals, Kari has knowledge to share about Grass Foxes:

Grass Foxes hibernate in Winter.

Grass Foxes are left 'handed'.

Grass Foxes use their long bushy tails as blankets during chilly Winter nights.

Grass Foxes have been seen 'holding hands' when they sleep to comfort each other.

Grass Foxes really like FodderIcon.png Fodder.