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A large and gentle grassland herd animal. Its coat is surprisingly soft and fluffy.
Season Spring
Location The Grasslands
Max Size Large
Food CeliumSeedIcon.pngCelium Seed
Produce GroffleMilkIcon.pngGroffle Milk

The Groffle is an animal found in The Grasslands. It can be found during Spring, Summer or Winter and likes to eat CeliumSeedIcon.pngCelium Seed.

Groffle can be adopted if you have an empty LargeAnimalPenIcon.pngLarge Animal Pen or SturdyLargeAnimalPenIcon.pngSturdy Large Animal Pen at the farm. It produces GroffleMilkIcon.pngGroffle Milk while living in the pen.


  • Groffle is generally the first animal the player may come across.
  • Bushel will teach you how to adopt a Groffle during the quest Farming basics.

Kari's Knowledge[]

As with other animals, Kari has knowledge to share about Groffles:

Groffles show empathy, even to other species.

Groffles can sleep standing up, but they can only dream lying down.

Groffles cannot stick their tongues out.

A group of Groffles is known as a clatter.