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Hearthwind Vale
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A region full of plateaus, valleys and swamps.

Cities BobbintoffFiffledip Tanners
Quests Build Hearthwind FarmDeliver the Moth Silk to the TailorFarty Fen bogFind the Moth SanctuaryHearthwind Vale wooden bridgeNeedle & ThreadRevive the Moth SanctuarySage Stone - Hearthwind ValeSeek the Master TailorTailor Guild MasterThe Cat Lady and Her 55 CatsThe Fashionable ScarecrowWhat to do about Scruffly
Animals Animals: FabbitFabbitSilkFoxIconSilk Fox

Fish: DipFishIconDip FishFulgurFishIconFulgur FishGhostFishIconGhost FishGigalevFishIconGigalev FishKingFishIconKing FishLaceFishIconLace FishLuckyBronzeFishIconLucky Bronze FishLuckySilverFishIconLucky Silver FishLuckyGoldenFishIconLucky Golden FishNackleFishIconNackle FishPrinceFishIconPrince FishPrincessFishIconPrincess FishQueenFishIconQueen Fish

Trees 109 / 146 SinosaSeedIconSinosa Tree
Plants FodderIconGrassMushroomIconMushroomVineIconVine
Cats 10xMountainMoggieIconMountain Moggie
Murk 6xIcon MurkMurk
Sprites BoltBoltCrescentCrescentFrightFrightWhiffyWhiffyWoodrowWoodrow

Hearthwind Vale is a region and a biome of Gemea.

Description[ | ]

Hearthwind Vale is hard to explore because a lot of stone plateaus hinder the traveling. The spiral SinosaSeedIconSinosa Trees dominate the landscape. FabbitFabbits and SilkFoxIconSilk Foxes roam the green areas.

Bobbintoff is the coastal city in the northwest. It is the home of the Tailor's Guild. Fiffledip Tanners is a small trading post nearby. You can trade 2 HideIconHides for 1 LeatherIconLeather there.

A trader in Bobbintoff sells Tailor items very cheaply. The merchant in Kozi's store sells clothes, shampoos, hairstyles and accessories for OldKingdomCoinIconOld Kingdom Coins.

The Hearthwind Vale Sage Stone if on the southern coast. It can be unlocked by changing one's clothing or accessories.

Farty Fen bog is the home of the sprite WhiffyWhiffy in the middle of the region.

The Hearthwind Farm is located west of the region's Sage Stone. It can be hard to get to.

Moonlight Teleporter is also located in the region.

Resources[ | ]

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SinosaSeedIconSinosa Tree is the region's native tree.

Ore veins, StoneIconboulders, VineIconvine bushes and FodderIconhigh grass are scattered through the region. MushroomIconMushrooms are found in caves.

Animals[ | ]

Two species of animals live here: Fabbits and Silk Foxes. They produce EggIconEggs and SilkIconSilk respectively when housed on a farm.

The Hearthwind Farm is on the plateau west of the Sage Stone, through the small cave.

A lot of fish species are found in Hearthwind Vale. GigalevFishIconGigalev Fish can be caught here.

Hearthwind Vale is also the home of the MountainMoggieIconMountain Moggie.

Notable Residents[ | ]

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Quests[ | ]

Sprites[ | ]