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The player can get this quest from Old Hurly in the Old Kingdom after completing the main quest if they want to learn the Master Craftsman crafting recipes.

Task 1: Gather Materials[ | ]

So this is what all the hard work was for! To put all my skills to use as a Master Craftsman.

Old Hurly ask you to bring him the following materials:

Gather the materials and talk to Old Hurly again.

Task 2: Make a Rucksack[ | ]

Oh. You got everything. OK... well, here's a recipe for making something, I guess.
~ Old Hurly

Old Hurly asks you to craft something. He gives you one MasterCraftsmansKitIconMaster Craftsman's Kit, a recipe for crafting it, and a recipe for PurpleCanvasRucksackIconPurple Canvas Rucksack.

Craft a PurpleCanvasRucksackIconPurple Canvas Rucksack from the supplies you have.

Becoming a Master Craftsman[ | ]

Speak with Old Hurly. He will take the rucksack, give you MasterCraftsmanBadgeIconMaster Craftsman Badge, and teach you the following Master Craftsman recipes:

Achievements[ | ]