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MeadowbellSeedIcon.png Meadowbell Seed
Will grow into a Meadowbell tree, native to the central grasslands.
Value ValueSign.png1

MeadowbellSeedIcon.pngMeadowbell Seed is a type of tree seed in Yonder.


Meadowbell Seed can occasionally be found after chopping the stump of a Meadowbell Tree with an AxeIcon.pngaxe.

Meadowbell Seed can also be bought from traders in Fairmont and in Inglenook.


Meadowbell Seed can be planted into an empty tree spot in the wild in any of the regions of Gemea. It grows into a Meadowbell Tree.

Meadowbell Seed can also be planted into a TreePlotIcon.pngTree Plot, StoneTreePlotIcon.pngStone Tree Plot, or SmallTreePlanterIcon.pngSmall Tree Planter placed on a farm. It grows into a Meadowbell Tree and produces WoodIcon.pngWood and StickIcon.pngSticks over time.