Midnight Runner

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MidnightRunnerIcon.png Midnight Runner
An elusive cat that is the subject of many odd theories.

The Midnight Runner is a type of Cat that can be found in Sunderwind Wilds. Midnight Runner cats can only be found during Autumn around midnight (10pm to 3am).

Cats[edit | edit source]

There are two Midnight Runners in the game.

#1[edit | edit source]

First Midnight Runner can be found under a tree near a ruined house in the southwestern part of the Sunderwind Wilds.

Map Location
In-Game Location

#2[edit | edit source]

Second Midnight Runner can be found inside the big trunk in Wimblewick where Agatha Woodgrain usually is.

Map Location
In-Game Location

Kari's Knowledge[edit | edit source]

Kari says in the Dapplewood Forest:

No one knows why the Midnight Runners have only ever been found at midnight in Autumn.