Midnight Runner

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MidnightRunnerIcon.png Midnight Runner
An elusive cat that is the subject of many odd theories.

The Midnight Runner is a type of Cat that can be found in Sunderwind Wilds. Midnight Runner cats can only be found during Autumn around midnight (10pm to 3am).


There are two Midnight Runners in the game.


First Midnight Runner can be found under a tree near a ruined house in the southwestern part of the Sunderwind Wilds.

Map Location
In-Game Location


Second Midnight Runner can be found inside the big trunk in Wimblewick where Agatha Woodgrain usually is.

Map Location
In-Game Location

Kari's Knowledge

Kari says in the Dapplewood Forest:

No one knows why the Midnight Runners have only ever been found at midnight in Autumn.