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OilIcon.png Oil
A viscous liquid used in crafting.
Value ValueSign.png20
Crafting 2xDipFishIcon.png
Animal GlossFoxIcon.png Gloss Fox

The Oil is a crafted item created by Chefs. It is used in many crafting recipes.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Oil is crafted by Novice Chef using 2xDipFishIcon.pngDip Fish.

It can also be bought from traders in Inglenook and in Mocha Bay.

Gloss Fox also produces Oil when housed at the farm.

Uses[edit | edit source]




  • 1 used in ButterChurnerIcon.pngButter Churner
  • 1 used in CheeseMakerIcon.pngCheese Maker
  • 1 used in FertilizerMakerIcon.pngFertilizer Maker
  • 1 used in FireworkDisplayIcon.pngFirework Display
  • 1 used in GearsIcon.pngGears
  • 1 used in LampPostIcon.pngLamp Post
  • 1 used in SeedMakerIcon.pngSeed Maker
  • 1 used in SpinningWheelIcon.pngSpinning Wheel
  • Brewer

  • 1 used in FieryBoomWaterIcon.pngFiery Boom-Water
  • Tailor

  • 1 used in RaincoatIcon.pngRaincoat
  • Master

  • 1 used in FishCakeIcon.pngFish Cake
  • 1 used in TightTrousersIcon.pngTight Trousers

  • Quests