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Icon Characters

Town residents live all over Gemea. You can build rapport with them by doing Quests or just having a conversation with them.

Guild masters[ | ]

These residents give you guild quests that unlock crafting recipes after completing.

Teachers[ | ]

These residents teach crafting recipes the Guild masters did not.

Tool Givers[ | ]

These residents give you the standard tools.

Sprites[ | ]

These residents turn into sprites after you complete their quests.

Traders[ | ]

These residents exchange items via trade.

Merchants[ | ]

These residents sell items for an amount of OldKingdomCoinIcon Old Kingdom Coins.

Merchants selling clothing, accessories and other decorative items become available after you complete Kozi's Lovely Creatures quest.

Workers[ | ]

These residents produce one resource from another resource.

Quest Characters[ | ]

Main Quest[ | ]

Side Quests[ | ]

Farmhands[ | ]

These residents can be hired to look after one of your farms.

Note that most of the residents listed above can also be hired as farmhands after you complete their quests.

Other Residents[ | ]