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Resources are inventory items that can be obtained by farming, crafting, fishing, or gathering them around Gemea.

The following items are divided into 13 categories like the in-game filter would sort them in the player's backpack or the storage box.

Lumber[ | ]

Resource Name Value Source
BundleOfSticksIcon Bundle Of Sticks ValueSign10
  • Crafting: 1xVineIcon 3xStickIcon
  • Trading
HeartwoodIcon Heartwood ValueSign10
NailsIcon Nails ValueSign20
  • Crafting: 1xIronOreIcon
  • Trading
PlankIcon Plank ValueSign30
ShapedPlanksIcon Shaped Planks ValueSign123
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 3xPlankIcon 1xGlueIcon
  • Trading
StickIcon Stick ValueSign1
WoodIcon Wood ValueSign1
WoodArchIcon Wood Arch ValueSign162
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 3xWoodIcon 1xPlankIcon 1xShapedPlanksIcon
  • Trading
WoodBeamsIcon Wood Beams ValueSign29
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 4xWoodIcon 1xGlueIcon
WoodTilesIcon Wood Tiles ValueSign113
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 2xPlankIcon 1xWoodIcon 2xGlueIcon
  • Trading

Masonry[ | ]

Resource Name Value Source
CoalIcon Coal ValueSign30
KeystoneIcon Keystone ValueSign46
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xMortarIcon 3xCobblestoneIcon 2xStoneIcon
  • Trading
MortarIcon Mortar ValueSign20
  • Crafting: 1xClayIcon 1xFodderIcon
  • Trading
StoneIcon Stone ValueSign1
StoneArchIcon Stone Arch ValueSign108
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xMortarIcon 2xCobblestoneIcon 1xKeystoneIcon 2xStoneIcon
  • Trading
StonePillarIcon Stone Pillar ValueSign97
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xMortarIcon 1xKeystoneIcon 4xStoneIcon
  • Trading
StoneTilesIcon Stone Tiles ValueSign80
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xMortarIcon 1xCobblestoneIcon 1xKeystoneIcon 3xStoneIcon

Decoration[ | ]

Resource Name Value Source
BlackDyeIcon Black Dye ValueSign106
BlueDyeIcon Blue Dye ValueSign89
BrownDyeIcon Brown Dye ValueSign306
ClayPotIcon Clay Pot ValueSign30
DecoratedEggIcon Decorated Egg ValueSign1016
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xChefsKitIcon 1xBoiledEggIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon 1xGreenDyeIcon 1xOrangeDyeIcon 1xPurpleDyeIcon 1xRedDyeIcon
GreenDyeIcon Green Dye ValueSign171
OrangeDyeIcon Orange Dye ValueSign177
PinkDyeIcon Pink Dye ValueSign232
PurpleDyeIcon Purple Dye ValueSign226
RedDyeIcon Red Dye ValueSign96
WhiteDyeIcon White Dye ValueSign96
YellowDyeIcon Yellow Dye ValueSign42

Food[ | ]

Main article: Food
Resource Name Value Source
AfternoonTeaIcon Afternoon Tea ValueSign2806
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xChefsKitIcon 1xBreadIcon 1xFestivalJuiceIcon 1xBerryPieIcon 1xCheesecakeIcon 1xLamingtonIcon 1xTresLechesCakeIcon
BerryPieIcon Berry Pie ValueSign559
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xDoughIcon 1xFlourIcon 2xBlueBerryIcon 2xRedBerryIcon 1xGoldenMintIcon
BlueBerryIcon Blue Berry ValueSign50
BoiledEggIcon Boiled Egg ValueSign161
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 2xEggIcon 2xWaterIcon
BreadIcon Bread ValueSign84
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xFlourIcon 1xWaterIcon 1xOilIcon
ButterIcon Butter ValueSign50
CheeseIcon Cheese ValueSign50
CheesecakeIcon Cheesecake ValueSign664
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xDoughIcon 2xCheeseIcon 1xEggIcon 1xBlueBerryIcon 1xRedBerryIcon 1xSeasoningIcon
  • Trading
CookedFishIcon Cooked Fish ValueSign44
  • Crafting: 1xAny Fish 1xCoalIcon
CookedMeatIcon Cooked Meat ValueSign44
  • Crafting: 1xMeatIcon 1xCoalIcon
DipFishIcon Dip Fish ValueSign10
  • Fishing
  • Trading
DippyEggWithBreadSoldiersIcon Dippy Egg with Bread Soldiers ValueSign684
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 2xBoiledEggIcon 2xBreadIcon 2xSeasoningIcon
DoughIcon Dough ValueSign288
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xFlourIcon 1xButterIcon 1xWaterIcon 1xOilIcon 1xEggIcon 1xSeasoningIcon
EggIcon Egg ValueSign50
  • Farming: Produce of FabbitFabbit
  • Trading
ExquisiteCakeIcon Exquisite Cake ValueSign1025
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xChefsKitIcon 1xButterIcon 1xDoughIcon 1xSeasoningIcon 1xPinkDyeIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon 1xGoldIngotIcon
FastFoodIcon Fast Food ValueSign784
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xChefsKitIcon 1xFrenchFriesIcon 2xCookedMeatIcon 1xCheeseIcon 1xBreadIcon 1xHerbsIcon
  • Trading
FishAndChipsIcon Fish And Chips ValueSign1043
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 2xCookedFishIcon 2xFrenchFriesIcon 2xOilIcon 1xSeasoningIcon
FishCakeIcon Fish Cake ValueSign454
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xChefsKitIcon 1xCookedFishIcon 1xPotatoIcon 1xBreadIcon 1xHerbsIcon 1xOilIcon 1xSeasoningIcon
FlourIcon Flour ValueSign30
FrenchFriesIcon French Fries ValueSign405
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 3xPotatoIcon 2xOilIcon 2xSeasoningIcon
FulgurFishIcon Fulgur Fish ValueSign480
  • Fishing
GhostFishIcon Ghost Fish ValueSign30
  • Fishing
  • Trading
GhostFishStewIcon Ghost Fish Stew ValueSign39
  • Crafting: 1xGhostFishIcon 1xMushroomIcon 1xWaterIcon
  • Trading
GigalevFishIcon Gigalev Fish ValueSign870
  • Fishing
GroffleMilkIcon Groffle Milk ValueSign50
HerbsIcon Herbs ValueSign50
KingFishIcon King Fish ValueSign133
  • Fishing
  • Trading
LaceFishIcon Lace Fish ValueSign30
  • Fishing
  • Trading
LamingtonIcon Lamington ValueSign609
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xDoughIcon 1xEggIcon 1xButterIcon 1xFlourIcon 1xOilIcon 1xGroffleMilkIcon 1xSeasoningIcon
LuckyBronzeFishIcon Lucky Bronze Fish ValueSign26
  • Fishing
  • Trading
LuckyGoldenFishIcon Lucky Golden Fish ValueSign125
  • Fishing
  • Trading
LuckyRainbowFishIcon Lucky Rainbow Fish ValueSign380
  • Fishing
  • Trading
LuckySilverFishIcon Lucky Silver Fish ValueSign45
  • Fishing
  • Trading
MushroomIcon Mushroom ValueSign5
  • Found on the ground along walls or cliffs
  • Trading
NackleFishIcon Nackle Fish ValueSign40
  • Fishing
  • Trading
PizzaIcon Pizza ValueSign604
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xDoughIcon 1xCookedMeatIcon 1xPotatoIcon 1xCheeseIcon 1xHerbsIcon 1xSeasoningIcon 1xMushroomIcon
PotatoIcon Potato ValueSign50
PoutineIcon Poutine ValueSign748
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xFrenchFriesIcon 2xCheeseIcon 2xHerbsIcon 1xOilIcon 1xSeasoningIcon
  • Trading
PrinceFishIcon Prince Fish ValueSign64
  • Fishing
PrincessFishIcon Princess Fish ValueSign64
  • Fishing
QueenFishIcon Queen Fish ValueSign133
  • Fishing
  • Trading
RedBerryIcon Red Berry ValueSign50
SeasoningIcon Seasoning ValueSign95
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xGoldenMintIcon 1xHerbsIcon 1xOilIcon
  • Trading
SundayRoastIcon Sunday Roast ValueSign387
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 2xCookedMeatIcon 1xButterIcon 1xFlourIcon 1xPotatoIcon 1xHerbsIcon 1xSeasoningIcon
  • Trading
TresLechesCakeIcon Tres Leches Cake ValueSign642
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xWarmMilkIcon 1xGroffleMilkIcon 1xCheeseIcon 1xDoughIcon 1xFlourIcon 1xOilIcon 1xSeasoningIcon
WarmMilkIcon Warm Milk ValueSign88
  • Crafting: 1xGroffleMilkIcon 1xCoalIcon
YangFishIcon Yang Fish ValueSign420
  • Fishing
  • Trading
YinFishIcon Yin Fish ValueSign420
  • Fishing
  • Trading

Equipment[ | ]

Resource Name Value Source
BrewersKitIcon Brewer's Kit ValueSign10
  • Crafting: 1xVineIcon 1xStoneIcon
CarpentersKitIcon Carpenter's Kit ValueSign5
  • Crafting: 1xStickIcon 1xWoodIcon
ChefsKitIcon Chef's Kit ValueSign10
  • Crafting: 1xStoneIcon 1xClayIcon
ConstructorsKitIcon Constructor's Kit ValueSign5
  • Crafting: 1xStickIcon 1xStoneIcon
FertilizerIcon Fertilizer ValueSign20
MasterCraftsmansKitIcon Master Craftsman's Kit ValueSign91
  • Crafting: 1xHideIcon 1xMushroomIcon 1xGoldenMintIcon 1xBundleOfSticksIcon 1xTwineIcon
SilkIcon Silk ValueSign5
TailorsKitIcon Tailor's Kit ValueSign12
  • Crafting: 1xTwineIcon 1xWoodIcon
TinkersKitIcon Tinker's Kit ValueSign10
  • Crafting: 1xClayIcon 1xWoodIcon

Plant[ | ]

Resource Name Value Source
AlioraSeedIcon Aliora Seed ValueSign1
AyvaFlowerIcon Ayva Flower ValueSign1
BlueBerrySeedIcon Blue Berry Seed ValueSign1
  • Created by the Seed Maker
  • Smashing Boxes and Barrels
ButtaberryFlowerIcon Buttaberry Flower ValueSign1
CeliumFlowerIcon Celium Flower ValueSign1
CeliumSeedIcon Celium Seed ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xStoneIcon 1xCeliumFlowerIcon
CoralBloomSeedIcon Coral-Bloom Seed ValueSign1
FodderIcon Fodder ValueSign1
  • Cutting tall grass
GoldenMintIcon Golden Mint ValueSign10
GowlSeedIcon Gowl Seed ValueSign1
HerbSeedIcon Herb Seed ValueSign1
  • Created by the Seed Maker
  • Smashing Boxes and Barrels
LyabudFlowerIcon Lyabud Flower ValueSign1
MayleafSeedIcon Mayleaf Seed ValueSign1
MeadowbellSeedIcon Meadowbell Seed ValueSign1
MoonsilkFlowerIcon Moonsilk Flower ValueSign1
MysterySeedIcon Mystery Seed ValueSign1
PopomoSeedIcon Popomo Seed ValueSign1
PotatoSeedIcon Potato Seed ValueSign1
  • Created by the Seed Maker
  • Smashing Boxes and Barrels
RedBerrySeedIcon Red Berry Seed ValueSign1
  • Created by the Seed Maker
  • Smashing Boxes and Barrels
SinosaSeedIcon Sinosa Seed ValueSign1
TwineIcon Twine ValueSign11
  • Crafting: 8xFodderIcon or 2xVineIcon
VineIcon Vine ValueSign5
  • Gathered from vine bushes
  • Farming: Produce of JungleFoxIconJungle Fox

Ore[ | ]

Resource Name Value Source
BitsAndBobsIcon Bits and Bobs ValueSign30
CogsIcon Cogs ValueSign220
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xMachinePartsIcon 2xIronIngotIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon
  • Trading
CopperIngotIcon Copper Ingot ValueSign140
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xLeadOreIcon 2xCopperOreIcon 2xCoalIcon
  • Trading
CopperOreIcon Copper Ore ValueSign25
  • Mining
  • Trading
GearsIcon Gears ValueSign304
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xMachinePartsIcon 1xCogsIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon 1xOilIcon
  • Trading
GoldIngotIcon Gold Ingot ValueSign162
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xLeadOreIcon 2xGoldOreIcon 2xCoalIcon
  • Trading
GoldOreIcon Gold Ore ValueSign35
  • Mining
  • Trading
IronIngotIcon Iron Ingot ValueSign79
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xIronOreIcon 1xCoalIcon
  • Trading
IronOreIcon Iron Ore ValueSign20
  • Mining
  • Trading
LeadIngotIcon Lead Ingot ValueSign118
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 3xLeadOreIcon 2xCoalIcon
  • Trading
LeadOreIcon Lead Ore ValueSign15
  • Mining
  • Trading
MachinePartsIcon Machine Parts ValueSign20
  • Crafting: 1xSilverOreIcon
  • Trading
SilverIngotIcon Silver Ingot ValueSign151
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xLeadOreIcon 2xSilverOreIcon 2xCoalIcon
  • Trading
SilverOreIcon Silver Ore ValueSign30
  • Mining
  • Trading

Pottery[ | ]

Resource Name Value Source
ClayIcon Clay ValueSign1
  • Found along shorelines
  • Farming: Produce of GrassFoxIconGrass Fox
  • Trading

Hunting[ | ]

Resource Name Value Source
FluffIcon Fluff ValueSign50
HideIcon Hide ValueSign50
  • Traps
  • Farming: Produce of FenicornFenicorn
  • Trading
MeatIcon Meat ValueSign10
  • Traps
  • Trading
PeltIcon Pelt ValueSign20
  • Traps
  • Farming: Produce of BambexBambex
  • Trading

Liquids[ | ]

Resource Name Value Source
FestivalJuiceIcon Festival Juice ValueSign150
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xWaterIcon 1xBlueBerryIcon 1xRedBerryIcon 1xGoldenMintIcon
  • Trading
GlueIcon Glue ValueSign20
  • Crafting: 1xCeliumFlowerIcon 1xWaterIcon
  • Trading
OilIcon Oil ValueSign20
  • Crafting: 2xDipFishIcon
  • Farming: Produce of GlossFoxIcon Gloss Fox
  • Trading
WaterIcon Water ValueSign20
  • Crafting: 2xVineIcon
  • Farming: Produce of FrostFoxIconFrost Fox
  • Trading

Clothing[ | ]

Main article: Clothing
Resource Name Value Source
AdventurersBreechesIcon Adventurer's Breeches ValueSign1
AdventurersCoatIcon Adventurer's Coat ValueSign1
  • Trading
BakersApronIcon Baker's Apron ValueSign1
  • Trading
BakersBajiIcon Baker's Baji ValueSign1
  • Trading
BakersHatIcon Baker's Hat ValueSign1
  • Trading
BasicTunicIcon Basic Tunic ValueSign279
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon
  • Trading
BatPackIcon Bat-Pack ValueSign295
BlacksmithsApronIcon Blacksmith's Apron ValueSign180
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xHideIcon 1xPeltIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon 1xRivetIcon
BlacksmithsTailsIcon Blacksmith's Tails ValueSign185
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 1xHideIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon
BowlHaircutIcon Bowl Haircut ValueSign1
  • Trading
ButlersJacketIcon Butlers Jacket ValueSign260
ButlerSlacksIcon Butler Slacks ValueSign260
ButterflyHairpieceIcon Butterfly Hairpiece ValueSign817
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xGoldIngotIcon 1xSilverIngotIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xPinkDyeIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon 1xYellowDyeIcon 1xGlueIcon
CanvasRucksackIcon Canvas Rucksack ValueSign584
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 2xOrangeDyeIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon 1xRivetIcon 1xLeadIngotIcon 1xLeatherIcon
  • Trading
CardiganIcon Cardigan ValueSign752
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xTwineIcon 3xYarnIcon 2xGreenDyeIcon
  • Trading
ChefsBottomsIcon Chef's Bottoms ValueSign448
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon 1xOrangeDyeIcon 1xRedDyeIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon
ChefsHatIcon Chef's Hat ValueSign470
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon 1xOrangeDyeIcon 1xRedDyeIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon
ChefsTopIcon Chef's Top ValueSign396
  • Crafting: 1xChefsKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon 1xOrangeDyeIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 1xGlueIcon
ClothIcon Cloth ValueSign50
  • Trading
FairyWingsIcon Fairy Wings ValueSign1
FloralSkirtIcon Floral Skirt ValueSign410
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 2xBlueDyeIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon 1xYellowDyeIcon
  • Trading
FrontLickIcon Front Lick ValueSign1
FurCoatIcon Fur Coat ValueSign408
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xFluffIcon 1xPeltIcon 1xIronIngotIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon
  • Trading
FurLinedTrousersIcon Fur-Lined Trousers ValueSign342
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 2xFluffIcon 1xPeltIcon 2xClothIcon 1xIronIngotIcon 1xYellowDyeIcon
  • Trading
GoldLeatherHaversackIcon Gold Leather Haversack ValueSign395
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xYellowDyeIcon 1xGoldIngotIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xRivetIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon
GreaserHairIcon Greaser Hair ValueSign1
  • Trading
GroffleBackpackIcon Groffle Backpack ValueSign1
HaberdasheryIcon Haberdashery ValueSign20
  • Trading
  • Crafting: 1xButtaberryFlowerIcon 1xLaceFishIcon
HeadScarfIcon Head Scarf ValueSign614
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 2xClothIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xPinkDyeIcon
HotHeadHairIcon Hot-Head Hair ValueSign1
  • Trading
KariBunIcon Kari Bun ValueSign1
  • Trading
LeatherIcon Leather ValueSign30
LeatherHaversackIcon Leather Haversack ValueSign617
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon 1xRivetIcon 1xOrangeDyeIcon 1xBrownDyeIcon
  • Trading
LeatherPlackartIcon Leather Plackart ValueSign622
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xBrownDyeIcon 1xGreenDyeIcon 2xLeatherIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xPeltIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon
  • Trading
LeatherStripsIcon Leather Strips ValueSign34
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xPeltIcon
  • Trading
LightBlouseIcon Light Blouse ValueSign449
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 2xHaberdasheryIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 1xPinkDyeIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon
  • Trading
LongPartedHairIcon Long Parted Hair ValueSign1
  • Trading
LongTrousersIcon Long Trousers ValueSign457
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 1xRivetIcon 1xBrownDyeIcon
  • Trading
LongSleeveWrapIcon Long-Sleeve Wrap ValueSign351
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 1xGreenDyeIcon 1xYellowDyeIcon
  • Trading
LoopedPonytailsIcon Looped Ponytails ValueSign1
MidLengthSweptIcon Mid-Length Swept ValueSign1
  • Trading
OldSoggyBootIcon Old Soggy Boot ValueSign10
  • Fishing
OrnateBackpackIcon Ornate Backpack ValueSign326
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon 1xRivetIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xPeltIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon
OversizedBowIcon Oversized Bow ValueSign1
PigtailsIcon Pigtails ValueSign1
PurpleCanvasRucksackIcon Purple Canvas Rucksack ValueSign415
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xPurpleDyeIcon 2xHaberdasheryIcon 2xLeatherStripsIcon 2xClothIcon
RaincoatIcon Raincoat ValueSign191
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 2xOilIcon 1xYellowDyeIcon
  • Trading
RivetIcon Rivet ValueSign20
  • Crafting: 1xCopperOreIcon 1xStickIcon
  • Trading
RoundSatchelBackpackIcon Round Satchel Backpack ValueSign474
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xRivetIcon 1xGoldIngotIcon 1xGreenDyeIcon 1xYellowDyeIcon
  • Trading
SailorsPantsIcon Sailor Pants ValueSign1
SailorsTunicIcon Sailor Top ValueSign1
  • Trading
ScribesLeggingsIcon Scribe's Leggings ValueSign1
  • Trading
ScribesWrapIcon Scribe's Wrap ValueSign1
  • Trading
ShepherdsBraccaeIcon Shepherd's Braccae ValueSign486
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xBrownDyeIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon 1xPeltIcon 1xClothIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon
ShepherdsSmockIcon Shepherd's Smock ValueSign255
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xYellowDyeIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon 1xHideIcon 1xClothIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon
ShortShortsIcon Short Shorts ValueSign713
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon 1xGreenDyeIcon 1xOrangeDyeIcon 1xRedDyeIcon 1xClothIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon
SideBoofIcon Side-Boof ValueSign1
  • Trading
StarBackpackIcon Star Backpack ValueSign1
StrikersFurs Striker's Furs ValueSign1
  • Trading
StrikersSlacks Striker's Slacks ValueSign1
  • Trading
TatteredBreechesIcon Tattered Breeches ValueSign1
  • Trading
TatteredCoatIcon Tattered Coat ValueSign1
  • Trading
TiedDimijeIcon Tied Dimije ValueSign501
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon 1xBrownDyeIcon
  • Trading
TightTrousersIcon Tight Trousers ValueSign691
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xOrangeDyeIcon 1xBrownDyeIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 1xOilIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon
TinkersBreechesIcon Tinker's Breeches ValueSign474
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xBrownDyeIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon
  • Trading
TinkersJacketIcon Tinker's Jacket ValueSign402
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xOrangeDyeIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xClothIcon
  • Trading
TomeBackpackIcon Tome Backpack ValueSign295
TopKnotIcon Top Knot ValueSign1
  • Trading
TousledLongHairIcon Tousled Long Hair ValueSign1
  • Trading
TravelerSlacksIcon Traveler Slacks ValueSign638
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xClothIcon 1xLeatherIcon 1xPeltIcon 1xBrownDyeIcon 1xOrangeDyeIcon
  • Trading
TreasureChestPackIcon Treasure Chest Pack ValueSign507
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xCarpentersKitIcon 1xRedDyeIcon 1xNailsIcon 1xGlueIcon 1xPlankIcon 1xLeadIngotIcon 1xShapedPlanksIcon
UnkemptShortHairIcon Unkempt Short Hair ValueSign1
WinterLayersIcon Winter Layers ValueSign536
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 2xFluffIcon 1xClothIcon 1xPeltIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon 1xPurpleDyeIcon
  • Trading
WitchyBottomsIcon Witchy Bottoms ValueSign260
WitchyTopIcon Witchy Top ValueSign260
YarnIcon Yarn ValueSign122
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 2xFluffIcon
  • Trading

Accessory[ | ]

Main article: Accessories
Resource Name Value Source
AnchorBeardIcon Anchor Beard ValueSign1
BallMaskIcon Ball Mask ValueSign210
BeretIcon Beret ValueSign1
BlackRimmedGlassesIcon Black-Rimmed Glasses ValueSign646
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xBlackDyeIcon 1xCogsIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon 1xSilverIngotIcon 1xRivetIcon
  • Trading
  • Chest: near East Docks
BowlerHatIcon Bowler Hat ValueSign205
CatEarsIcon Cat Ears ValueSign1
  • Trading
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xRivetIcon 1xBlackDyeIcon 1xPinkDyeIcon
CircleBeardIcon Circle Beard ValueSign1
  • Trading
ConteBeardIcon Conte Beard ValueSign1
  • Trading
EarmuffsIcon Earmuffs ValueSign507
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xFluffIcon 1xYarnIcon 1xGlueIcon 2xBlueDyeIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon
  • Trading
FieldHatIcon Field Hat ValueSign485
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xBrownDyeIcon 2xHideIcon 1xPeltIcon 1xTwineIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon
FloppyBeanieIcon Floppy Beanie ValueSign604
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xTwineIcon 3xYarnIcon 1xRivetIcon 1xGreenDyeIcon
  • Trading
FullBeardIcon Full Beard ValueSign1
GasMaskIcon Gas Mask ValueSign1
GroffleAntlersIcon Groffle Antlers ValueSign1
  • Trading
ImperialMustacheIcon Imperial Mustache ValueSign1
  • Trading
LongBrimmedHatIcon Long-Brimmed Hat ValueSign453
  • Crafting: 1xTailorsKitIcon 1xHaberdasheryIcon 1xClothIcon 1xSilkIcon 1xPeltIcon 1xGlueIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon 1xPurpleDyeIcon
  • Trading
LovelySunglassesIcon Lovely Sunglasses ValueSign1
MuttonChopsIcon Mutton Chops ValueSign1
SunglassesIcon Sunglasses ValueSign451
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xYellowDyeIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon 2xGoldIngotIcon 1xRivetIcon 1xWaterIcon
  • Trading
TheLincolnIcon The Lincoln ValueSign1
  • Trading
TiaraIcon Tiara ValueSign1
TinkersGogglesIcon Tinker's Goggles ValueSign484
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xLeatherStripsIcon 2xCopperIngotIcon 1xLeadIngotIcon 1xGlueIcon 1xRivetIcon
TopHatIcon Top Hat ValueSign1
VanDykeBeardIcon Van Dyke Beard ValueSign1
  • Trading
VikingHatIcon Viking Hat ValueSign1
WitchyGlassesIcon Witchy Glasses ValueSign210
WitchyHatIcon Witchy Hat ValueSign205
AshShampooIcon Ash Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xBrewersKitIcon 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xBlackDyeIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon 1xSilverIngotIcon
  • Trading
BlackShampooIcon Black Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xBlackDyeIcon
  • Trading
BlondeShampooIcon Blond Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xYellowDyeIcon 1xWhiteDyeIcon
  • Trading
BlueShampooIcon Blue Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xBrewersKitIcon 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xBlueDyeIcon
  • Trading
BrownShampooIcon Brown Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xBrewersKitIcon 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xBrownDyeIcon
  • Trading
FlameShampooIcon Flame Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Trading
CopperShampooIcon Copper Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xBrewersKitIcon 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 1xOrangeDyeIcon 1xBrownDyeIcon 1xCopperIngotIcon
  • Trading
CyanShampooIcon Cyan Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xBrewersKitIcon 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 1xGreenDyeIcon 1xBlueDyeIcon
  • Trading
GalaxyShampooIcon Galaxy Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Trading
GreenShampooIcon Green Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xBrewersKitIcon 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xGreenDyeIcon
  • Trading
OceanShampooIcon Ocean Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Trading
OilSlickShampooIcon Oil Slick Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Trading
OmbreShampooIcon Ombre Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Trading
OpalShampooIcon Opal Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Trading
OrangeShampooIcon Orange Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xBrewersKitIcon 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xOrangeDyeIcon
  • Trading
PinkShampooIcon Pink Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xBrewersKitIcon 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xPinkDyeIcon
  • Trading
PurpleShampooIcon Purple Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xBrewersKitIcon 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xPurpleDyeIcon
  • Trading
RainbowShampooIcon Rainbow Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Trading
RedShampooIcon Red Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xRedDyeIcon
  • Trading
SilverShampooIcon Silver Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xBrewersKitIcon 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xWhiteDyeIcon 1xSilverIngotIcon
  • Trading
SpectrumShampooIcon Spectrum Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Trading
YellowShampooIcon Yellow Shampoo ValueSign1
  • Crafting: 1xClayPotIcon 1xWaterIcon 2xYellowDyeIcon 1xGoldIngotIcon
  • Trading

Farming[ | ]

Main article: Farming.
Resource Name Value Source
ButterChurnerIcon Butter Churner ValueSign662
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xGearsIcon 1xCogsIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon 1xOilIcon 1xMachinePartsIcon 1xRivetIcon 1xLeatherIcon
CatTotemIcon Cat Totem ValueSign604
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 4xYarnIcon 2xWoodIcon 1xGlueIcon
CheeseMakerIcon Cheese Maker ValueSign662
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xGearsIcon 1xCogsIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon 1xOilIcon 1xMachinePartsIcon 1xGlueIcon 1xPlankIcon
CobblestoneIcon Cobblestone ValueSign7
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 4xStoneIcon
  • Trading
CreepyCauldronIcon Creepy Cauldron ValueSign910
FancyFodderTroughIcon Fancy Fodder Trough ValueSign645
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon 1xCogsIcon 1xSilverIngotIcon 1xCopperIngotIcon 1xFodderIcon
FancyWaterTroughIcon Fancy Water Trough ValueSign738
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xGearsIcon 1xMachinePartsIcon 1xCopperIngotIcon 1xSilverIngotIcon 1xWaterIcon
FertilizerMakerIcon Fertilizer Maker ValueSign646
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xGearsIcon 1xCogsIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon 1xOilIcon 1xMachinePartsIcon 1xClayIcon 1xCoalIcon
FireworkDisplayIcon Firework Display ValueSign795
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xGearsIcon 1xCogsIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon 1xOilIcon 1xMachinePartsIcon 1xStoneArchIcon 1xStoneTilesIcon
FodderTroughIcon Fodder Trough ValueSign95
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 1xGlueIcon 2xPlankIcon 4xFodderIcon
GardenPlotIcon Garden Plot ValueSign465
GroffleCakeStackIcon Groffle Cake Stack ValueSign171
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 3xFertilizerIcon 2xFodderIcon 2xClayIcon
GroffleTotemIcon Groffle Totem ValueSign1
HalloweenScarecrowIcon Halloween Scarecrow ValueSign735
HedgeFenceIcon Hedge Fence ValueSign63
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 1xTwineIcon 3xMysterySeedIcon 1xStickIcon 2xGlueIcon
LampPostIcon Lamp Post ValueSign1242
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 2xGearsIcon 1xCogsIcon 1xOilIcon 2xLeadIngotIcon 1xSilverIngotIcon
LargeAnimalPenIcon Large Animal Pen ValueSign363
PlanterBoxIcon Planter Box ValueSign377
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 3xClayIcon 1xCopperIngotIcon 1xIronIngotIcon 1xLeadIngotIcon 1xMortarIcon
PottedShrubIcon Potted Shrub ValueSign142
  • Crafting: 1xMasterCraftsmansKitIcon 1xCarpentersKitIcon 2xMysterySeedIcon 2xFodderIcon 2xFertilizerIcon
RailFenceIcon Rail Fence ValueSign303
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xCobblestoneIcon 1xKeystoneIcon 1xLeadIngotIcon 1xIronIngotIcon 2xMortarIcon
SeedMakerIcon Seed Maker ValueSign675
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xGearsIcon 1xCogsIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon 1xOilIcon 1xMachinePartsIcon 1xMortarIcon 1xKeystoneIcon
SmallAnimalPenIcon Small Animal Pen ValueSign287
SmallTreePlanterIcon Small Tree Planter ValueSign697
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xCopperIngotIcon 2xIronIngotIcon 2xLeadIngotIcon 1xMortarIcon
SpinningWheelIcon Spinning Wheel ValueSign630
  • Crafting: 1xTinkersKitIcon 1xGearsIcon 1xCogsIcon 1xBitsAndBobsIcon 1xOilIcon 1xMachinePartsIcon 1xWoodIcon 1xNailsIcon
StackoJacksIcon Stack-o'-Jacks ValueSign420
StoneFenceIcon Stone Fence ValueSign108
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xCobblestoneIcon 1xKeystoneIcon 2xStoneIcon 2xMortarIcon
StoneGardenPlotIcon Stone Garden Plot ValueSign92
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xStoneIcon 3xCobblestoneIcon 1xKeystoneIcon 1xMortarIcon
StoneTreePlotIcon Stone Tree Plot ValueSign92
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xStoneIcon 2xCobblestoneIcon 1xKeystoneIcon 2xMortarIcon
SturdyFodderTroughIcon Sturdy Fodder Trough ValueSign516
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 3xLeadIngotIcon 2xIronIngotIcon 2xFodderIcon
SturdyLargeAnimalPenIcon Sturdy Large Animal Pen ValueSign560
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 1xKeystoneIcon 2xStoneArchIcon 2xStonePillarIcon 1xStoneTilesIcon 1xMortarIcon
SturdySmallAnimalPenIcon Sturdy Small Animal Pen ValueSign509
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xKeystoneIcon 2xStoneArchIcon 1xStonePillarIcon 1xStoneTilesIcon 1xMortarIcon
SturdyWaterTroughIcon Sturdy Water Trough ValueSign602
  • Crafting: 1xConstructorsKitIcon 2xCopperIngotIcon 2xIronIngotIcon 1xLeadIngotIcon 2xWaterIcon
TreePlotIcon Tree Plot ValueSign314
WaterTroughIcon Water Trough ValueSign270
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 1xGlueIcon 2xPlankIcon 1xWoodTilesIcon 3xWaterIcon
WoodPlanterBoxIcon Wood Planter Box ValueSign189
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 1xGlueIcon 1xPlankIcon 1xShapedPlanksIcon 1xClayIcon 3xMysterySeedIcon
WoodenFenceIcon Wooden Fence ValueSign373
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 1xNailsIcon 1xShapedPlanksIcon 1xWoodBeamsIcon 1xWoodArchIcon 1xWoodIcon 1xPlankIcon 1xStickIcon
WoodenLampPostIcon Wooden Lamp Post ValueSign468
  • Crafting: 1xCarpentersKitIcon 1xNailsIcon 1xWoodBeamsIcon 1xWoodTilesIcon 2xShapedPlanksIcon 1xGlueIcon 1xCoalIcon