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A Sage Stone works like a portal for the various places in Gemea, when you enter one Sage Stone, you're teleported to the a kind of Spirit Dimension, where you can see all other Sage Stones, and use them to go wherever you want, assuming you already unlocked that respective portal. Below are a list of the Sage Stones available in Gemea:

List Of Sage Stones[]

  • Crestfall.
  • Crestfall Sage Stone.jpg
  • Crestfall Sage Stone 2.jpg
  • Crestfall Sage Stone 3.jpg
    • Radiant Sands.
  • Radiant Sands Sage Stone 1.jpg
  • Radiant Sands Sage Stone 3.jpg
  • Radiant Sands Sage Stone.jpg
    • Numino Peak.
  • Numino Peak Sage Stone 1.jpg
  • Numino Peak Sage Stone 2.jpg
  • Numino Peak Sage Stone 3.jpg
    • Sunderwind Wilds.
  • Sunderwind Wilds Sage Stone 1.jpg
  • Sunderwind Wilds Sage Stone 2.jpg
  • Sunderwind Wilds Sage Stone 3.jpg
    • The Shivering Plains.
    • Dapplewood Forest