Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Wiki

Some of the plants of Gemea can be grown from Seeds.

Tree Seeds[]

These seeds can be planted in any empty tree plot in any region. To plant a seed, choose it as a tool and interact with an empty plot.

In order to plant these seeds at the farm, you need to place a TreePlotIcon.pngTree Plot, StoneTreePlotIcon.pngStone Tree Plot, or SmallTreePlanterIcon.pngSmall Tree Planter first, and then plant the seed. TreePlotIcon.pngTree Plot and StoneTreePlotIcon.pngStone Tree Plot provide two spaces for growing trees, SmallTreePlanterIcon.pngSmall Tree Planter provides one space.

Fully grown trees produce WoodIcon.pngWood and StickIcon.pngSticks, except for the Wildoburr Tree which produces HeartwoodIcon.pngHeartwood instead of regular wood.

You can chop the tree with your AxeIcon.pngAxe or remove it from the plot menu if you need to clear the space.

There are 9 different types of tree seeds in the game.

Icon Name Value Tree Biome
AlioraSeedIcon.png Aliora Seed ValueSign.png1 Aliora Tree Numino Peak, The Shivering Plains
CoralBloomSeedIcon.png Coral-Bloom Seed ValueSign.png1 Coral-Bloom Tree Radiant Sands
GowlSeedIcon.png Gowl Seed ValueSign.png1 Gowl Tree Sunderwind Wilds
MayleafSeedIcon.png Mayleaf Seed ValueSign.png1 Mayleaf Tree Dapplewood Forest
MeadowbellSeedIcon.png Meadowbell Seed ValueSign.png1 Meadowbell Tree The Grasslands
MysterySeedIcon.png Mystery Seed ValueSign.png1 Any tree Gemea
PopomoSeedIcon.png Popomo Seed ValueSign.png1 Popomo Tree Crestfall Coast
SinosaSeedIcon.png Sinosa Seed ValueSign.png1 Sinosa Tree Hearthwind Vale
WildoburrSeedIcon.png Wildoburr Seed ValueSign.png1 Wildoburr Tree Southwestern Sunderwind Wilds

Farm Plant Seeds[]

These seeds can only be planted at the player's farms.

In order to plant these seeds you need to place a GardenPlotIcon.pngGarden Plot, StoneGardenPlotIcon.pngStone Garden Plot, or PlanterBoxIcon.pngPlanter Box first, and then plant the seeds. GardenPlotIcon.pngGarden Plot and StoneGardenPlotIcon.pngStone Garden Plot provide nine spaces for growing crops, PlanterBoxIcon.pngPlanter Box provides two spaces. Seeds can be planted at any farm, there are no restrictions. To plant a seed, choose it as a tool and interact with an empty plot.

Fully grown crops produce resources automatically. You can also harvest them manually. The crops do not disappear after harvest and continue to produce.

The crops can be removed from the structure's menu.

There are 4 different types of plant seeds in the game:

Icon Name Value Crop Source
BlueBerrySeedIcon.png Blue Berry Seed ValueSign.png1 Blue Berry
HerbSeedIcon.png Herb Seed ValueSign.png1 Herbs
PotatoSeedIcon.png Potato Seed ValueSign.png1 Potato
RedBerrySeedIcon.png Red Berry Seed ValueSign.png1 Red Berry


These seeds can't be planted:

Icon Name Value Plant Source
CeliumSeedIcon.png Celium Seed ValueSign.png1 Celium Flower Crafting: 1xStoneIcon.png 1xCeliumFlowerIcon.png