Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Wiki

You get this quest from Lumie as soon as you exit the first cave.

Speak with Master Low[]

Go to Fairmont and speak with Master Low who is near the front gate. He will give you some new clothes (BasicTunicIcon.pngBasic Tunic and TravelerSlacksIcon.pngTraveler Slacks) and ask to speak with the locals.

I met Master Low. Ate some food, slept in, and got some new clothes. Now to go meet some of the locals!

From here there are three subquests you need to complete.

Get the East Docks open again[]

You need to speak to Merek. He is in town near the traders. He will give you a MalletIcon.png mallet and tell you to collect stone for Marina so she can open up the docks again.

After collecting 8xStoneIcon.pngStone go to the beach and speak to Marina to complete this part of the quest.

Grass needs cutting[]

Sly Mc'Wiley is outside of the village to the south. Talk to him and he will give you a SickleIcon.png sickle and ask you to get him some FodderIcon.png Fodder.

Collect 10xFodderIcon.pngFodder and talk to Sly to complete this part of the quest.

Repair the farm[]

You need to speak to Minnie. She is in town, right past the traders. She will give you an AxeIcon.png axe and tell you she has farm that you can have but you need to repair it.

Collect 16xWoodIcon.pngWood and 5xStickIcon.pngStick and go report to the Farm. To repair it you need two sprites clear the Murk. The easiest second sprite you can probably find right now is Lock, he is in the docks you have just repaired. Talk to Bushel after clearing the murk to repair the farm and to complete this part of the quest.

Speak with Master Low[]

When you complete all task above, return to the village and talk to Master Low to complete this quest. This will give you the next story quest Searching for the origin.