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Sprites are small, friendly and flying creatures found all around Gemea. They assist the player with removing Murk thanks to their powers. Apart from the first encounter with murk, all other occurences of murk require multiple Sprites in order to be removed.

Lumie is the first Sprite the player encounters upon awakening in the starter cave.

Sprites[ | ]

There are 26 sprites in the game.

Notes[ | ]

  • Only the active sprite is shown while clearing the Murk even if this particular patch of Murk requires more than one sprite to clear.
  • The active sprite gives information about the Halloween Festival of Bobbintoff.

Achievements[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

Residents can tell you a lot about sprites:

Pfft! Sprites, what did they ever do for us?
After much study I have concluded that Sprites exist for no other reason than for the sheer joy of existing...
Sprites come from the Celestial Beyond. What they do when they're in our world, only Gemea knows.
They say Sprites and cats communicate. Do you think that's true?
Some people say Sprites are mischievous, others say there are good Sprites that help people.
You believe in Sprites, don't you?
I wonder if the King and Queen in the Old Kingdom could really commune with Sprites.
Sprites are all around us. What they do, only Gemea knows. But I know they're there.
We can trade as long as you don't mention Sprites. Sprites are nothing but wishful thinking.