Summer Blue

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SummerBlueIcon.png Summer Blue
A rare cat with blue coloring.

The Summer Blue is a type of cat that can be found in Crestfall Coast. Summer Blue cats can only be found in Summer or Spring around noon (10am to 3pm).

Cats[edit | edit source]

There are two Summer Blues in the game.

#1[edit | edit source]

This Summer Blue can be found under the tree nearest to the region's Sage Stone.

Map Location
In-Game Location

#2[edit | edit source]

This Summer Blue can be found under a tree on the eastern island where Jib the Sailor is. You need to clear some Murk to get there.

Map Location
In-Game Location

Kari's Knowledge[edit | edit source]

As with other animals, Kari has knowledge to share about Summer Blues (in Crestfall Coast).

Hidden in the shade of trees, you'll spot the Summer Blues. Oddly, you can find it in Spring and Summer!