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The Grasslands
The Grasslands
Grassy plains located in the center of Gemea.

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The Grasslands is a region and a biome of Gemea. Here the player starts the game.


The Grasslands is located at the heart of Gemea, acting as a hub towards all other regions. It is the first region players will encounter, as the cave they begin the game in is located along the coast here.

GroffleIcon.pngGroffle and GrassFoxIcon.pngGrass Foxes call this region their home. They eat CeliumSeedIcon.pngCelium Seeds and FodderIcon.pngFodder respectively, both of which are commonly found in this region, making these animals the easiest to tame.

Little caterpillars crawl on the ground. Birds fly through the air and twitter loudly.

The town of Fairmont is located here, being the source of the first quests the player can get, and the start of the main quest, as well as two traders that trade basic items. Two smaller towns - East Docks and Goldlake - also have traders offering items for trade.

The player can get every tool in the game for free in The Grasslands.

The Grasslands Sage Stone is in the starting cave. It can be reached by breaking some planks and unlocked by crafting several items.

The Grasslands Farm is in the southern field. It will be your first farm if you follow the main questline.

Moonlight Teleporter is also located in the region.


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CeliumFlowerIcon.pngCelium Flowers are the native flower of The Grasslands, growing all around the region, whilst the MeadowbellSeedIcon.pngMeadowbell Tree is the region's native tree.

Ore veins, StoneIcon.pngboulders, VineIcon.pngvine bushes and FodderIcon.pnghigh grass are scattered about the region. MushroomIcon.pngMushrooms are found in caves.


Two species of animals live here: Groffles and Grass Foxes. They produce GroffleMilkIcon.pngGroffle Milk and ClayIcon.pngClay respectively when housed on a farm.

The Grasslands Farm is in the southern field. Minnie will give you the quest to repair it early in the game.

The Grasslands is also the home of FishermansMateIcon.pngFisherman's Mate, GreenWhiskersIcon.pngGreen Whiskers, and SpottedBrownCatIcon.pngSpotted Brown Cat cats.

Notable Residents[]

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