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Shivering Plains
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A cold region covered in snow and ice.

Cities Frostfire PottersInglenook
Quests A Little Color Goes a Long WayBrewer Guild MasterBuild Shivering FarmFinding ArcadiaSage Stone - The Shivering PlainsThe Great Beard OffThe Shivering Plains stone bridgeThe Shivering Plains wooden bridgeUncover Information in Inglenook
Animals Animals: FluffCub.pngFluff CubFrostFoxIcon.pngFrost Fox

Fish: DipFishIcon.pngDip FishGigalevFishIcon.pngGigalev FishLuckyBronzeFishIcon.pngLucky Bronze FishLuckySilverFishIcon.pngLucky Silver FishLuckyGoldenFishIcon.pngLucky Golden FishLuckyRainbowFishIcon.pngLucky Rainbow FishNackleFishIcon.pngNackle Fish

Trees 17 / 26 AlioraSeedIcon.pngAliora Tree
Plants GoldenMintIcon.pngGolden MintMushroomIcon.pngMushroom
Cats 9xSnowyLongtailIcon.pngSnowy Longtail
Murk 6xIcon Murk.pngMurk
Sprites Drake.pngDrakeSpike.pngSpikeVellum.pngVellum

The Shivering Plains is a region and a biome of Gemea.


An open, frozen plain north of Numino Peak. GoldenMintIcon.pngGolden Mint can be harvested here. The native animal is the Fluff Cub. You can find small cheeping penguins roaming around that cannot be interacted with. Frost Foxes can also be found here. Gulls are flying through the cold air and scream loudly. Stone statues that look like dragons are scattered about the plains.

Inglenook in on the northern coast of the region. It is the home of the Brewer's Guild.

Frostfire Potters is also located here. You can trade 5 ClayIcon.pngClay for 1 ClayPotIcon.pngClay Pot there.

The Shivering Plains Sage Stone is on the northwestern coast of the region on a cliff. It can be unlocked by gaining enough happiness in any region.

The Shivering Farm is east of the region's Sage Stone.


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GoldenMintIcon.pngGolden Mint bushes grow in the region. AlioraSeedIcon.pngAliora Tree is the region's native tree. MushroomIcon.pngMushrooms are found in caves.

Ore veins and StoneIcon.pngboulders are scattered about the region.


Two species of animals live here: Fluff Cubs and Frost Foxes. They produce FluffIcon.pngFluff and WaterIcon.pngWater respectively when housed on a farm.

The Shivering Farm is on the plateau east of the region's Sage Stone.

A lot of saltwater fish species are found in The Shivering Plains. A rare LuckyRainbowFishIcon.pngLucky Rainbow Fish can be caught on the coast west of Inglenook.

The Shivering Plains is also the home of SnowyLongtailIcon.pngSnowy Longtail cat.

Notable Residents[]

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Residents tell you the following about The Shivering Plains:

The Shivering Plains are so cold I once saw a Fluff Cub with ear muffs.
The Shivering Plains are cold enough to freeze your bits off. Why out the Brewer's Guild there, I'll never know.