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Towns are located all over Gemea. You can find residents, quests, and sprites among other things in towns. The merchants and traders offer things for barter in every town.

List of Towns[ | ]

Name Region Guild Traders Quests Sprites
Akuna Oasis Radiant Sands None Merchant otOK: Akuna Oasis Purifying the Well None
Arbre Ridge Dapplewood Forest TinkerIconTinker's Guild Tradesman: Arbre Ridge Quest Board

Cog & Load
Tinker Guild Master
Bobbintoff Hearthwind Vale TailorIconTailor's Guild

Tradesman: Bobbintoff
Merchant otOK: Bobbintoff

Quest Board

Deliver the Moth Silk to the Tailor
Needle & Thread
Seek the Master Tailor
Tailor Guild Master
The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
What to do about Scruffly


Cinderton Numino Peak ConstructorIconConstructor's Guild

Tradesman: Cinderton
Trader: Cinderton

Quest Board

Build a Little
Constructor Guild Master
Search for Celestial Ore
Seek the Master Constructor

East Docks The Grasslands None

Tradesman: East Docks
Trader: East Docks

Get the East Docks open again LockLock
Fairmont The Grasslands None

Tradesman: Fairmont
Trader: Fairmont

Quest Board

Making a bundle
Seeking help in Fairmont
Goldlake The Grasslands None Tradesman: Goldlake A knack for Nackle fish! None
Inglenook The Shivering Plains BrewerIconBrewer's Guild

Merchant otOK: Inglenook
Tradesman: Inglenook

Quest Board

A Little Color Goes a Long Way
Brewer Guild Master
Find the Missing Crew
The Great Beard Off
Uncover Information in Inglenook

Mocha Bay Crestfall Coast ChefIconChef's Guild

Merchant otOK: Mocha Bay
Tradesman: Mocha Bay

Quest Board

Chef Guild Master
Juiced in time
Lauren's Lost Lamingtons
The Secret Ingredient

Wimblewick Sunderwind Wilds CarpenterIconCarpenter's Guild

Merchant otOK: Wimblewick
Tradesman: Wimblewick

Quest Board

Carpenter's Guild
Carpenter Guild Master
Find help at the village
Tale of Two Siblings
Wood for Planks