Tradesman: Fiffledip Tanners

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Tradesman: Fiffledip Tanners
Tradesman: Fiffledip Tanners
He trades with tanned hides.
Location Hearthwind Vale: Fiffledip Tanners

This Tradesman is one of the Residents in Yonder.


This Tradesman stands on a staircase of the Fiddledip Tanners house. His long beard and his hair are brown. He wears a green Top over a white hemd and brown pluffy trousers.

Buyable Items

Sometimes gives this Tradesman -50% discount on Leather and Leather Strips.

Discount Buy Icon Name Nr Use Sell
-10% ValueSign.png27 LeatherIcon.png Leather 4x Resource ValueSign.png30
-9% ValueSign.png31 LeatherStripsIcon.png Leather Strips 2x Resource ValueSign.png34
0% ValueSign.png50 HideIcon.png Hide 2x Resource ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png29 TrapIcon.png Trap 1x Tool ValueSign.png0

Sellable Items

Backpacks and Clothes can be sold here only with decreased value: -11% or sometimes -51%.

Discount Buy Icon Name Nr Use Sell
-51% ValueSign.png233 RoundSatchelBackpackIcon.png Round Satchel Backpack 1x Backpack ValueSign.png474
-51% ValueSign.png168 FurLinedTrousersIcon.png Fur-Lined Trousers 1x Bottoms ValueSign.png342
-51% ValueSign.png200 FurCoatIcon.png Fur Coat 1x Tops ValueSign.png408