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Tradesman: Mocha Bay
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Location Crestfall Coast: Mocha Bay

This Tradesman is one of the Residents in Yonder.


This Tradesman stands in the middle of an open house next to the huge cauldron in Mocha Bay. His long beard and his hair are brown. He wears BasicTunicIcon.pngBasic Tunic and TravelerSlacksIcon.pngTraveler Slacks.


Permanent Stock[]

Discount Sell Price Icon Name Quantity Item Type Value
0% ValueSign.png20 WaterIcon.png Water 2 Liquids ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png5 VineIcon.png Vine 2 Plants ValueSign.png5
0% ValueSign.png5 SilkIcon.png Silk 2 Equipment ValueSign.png5
-16% ValueSign.png42 HerbsIcon.png Herbs 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png5 ClayIcon.png Clay 2 Pottery ValueSign.png5
0% ValueSign.png5 MushroomIcon.png Mushroom 3 Food ValueSign.png5
0% ValueSign.png30 CoalIcon.png Coal 2 Ore ValueSign.png30
-16% ValueSign.png42 ButterIcon.png Butter 3 Food ValueSign.png50
-16% ValueSign.png42 CheeseIcon.png Cheese 3 Food ValueSign.png50
-16% ValueSign.png42 EggIcon.png Egg 3 Food ValueSign.png50
-13% ValueSign.png26 FlourIcon.png Flour 3 Food ValueSign.png30
0% ValueSign.png10 MeatIcon.png Meat 3 Food ValueSign.png10
-16% ValueSign.png42 GroffleMilkIcon.png Groffle Milk 3 Food ValueSign.png50
-16% ValueSign.png42 PotatoIcon.png Potato 2 Food ValueSign.png50
-16% ValueSign.png42 RedBerryIcon.png Red Berry 2 Food ValueSign.png50
-16% ValueSign.png42 BlueBerryIcon.png Blue Berry 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png10 GoldenMintIcon.png Golden Mint 2 Plants ValueSign.png10
0% ValueSign.png20 OilIcon.png Oil 8 Liquids ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png29 TrapIcon.png Trap 1 Tool ValueSign.png0

Variable Stock[]

These items can sometimes appear in his stock. He always has 1 of these items.

Note: if he has the same item in his regular stock, the item won't be listed separately. The regular item's quantity will increase by 1 instead.

Discount Sell Price Icon Name Item Type Value
0% ValueSign.png1 AlioraSeedIcon.png Aliora Seed Seeds ValueSign.png1
-16% ValueSign.png467 BerryPieIcon.png Berry Pie Food ValueSign.png559
-16% ValueSign.png42 BlueBerryIcon.png Blue Berry Food ValueSign.png50
-16% ValueSign.png135 BoiledEggIcon.png Boiled Egg Food ValueSign.png166
-15% ValueSign.png71 BreadIcon.png Bread Food ValueSign.png84
0% ValueSign.png1 ButtaberryFlowerIcon.png Buttaberry Flower Flowers ValueSign.png1
-16% ValueSign.png42 ButterIcon.png Butter Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png1 CeliumFlowerIcon.png Celium Flower Flowers ValueSign.png1
-16% ValueSign.png42 CheeseIcon.png Cheese Food ValueSign.png50
-16% ValueSign.png555 CheesecakeIcon.png Cheesecake Food ValueSign.png664
-16% ValueSign.png37 CookedMeatIcon.png Cooked Meat Food ValueSign.png44
0% ValueSign.png1 CoralBloomSeedIcon.png Coral-Bloom Seed Seeds ValueSign.png1
-10% ValueSign.png9 DipFishIcon.png Dip Fish Fish ValueSign.png10
-16% ValueSign.png42 EggIcon.png Egg Food ValueSign.png50
% ValueSign.png857 ExquisiteCakeIcon.png Exquisite Cake Food ValueSign.png1020
-13% ValueSign.png26 FlourIcon.png Flour Food ValueSign.png30
0% ValueSign.png1 FodderIcon.png Fodder Plants ValueSign.png1
-16% ValueSign.png401 FulgurFishIcon.png Fulgur Fish Fish ValueSign.png480
-13% ValueSign.png30 GhostFishIcon.png Ghost Fish Fish ValueSign.png26
0% ValueSign.png1 GowlSeedIcon.png Gowl Seed Seeds ValueSign.png1
-16% ValueSign.png42 GroffleMilkIcon.png Groffle Milk Food ValueSign.png50
-13% ValueSign.png26 LaceFishIcon.png Lace Fish Fish ValueSign.png30
-16% ValueSign.png509 LamingtonIcon.png Lamington Food ValueSign.png609
-15% ValueSign.png22 LuckyBronzeFishIcon.png Lucky Bronze Fish Fish ValueSign.png26
0% ValueSign.png1 MayleafSeedIcon.png Mayleaf Seed Seeds ValueSign.png1
0% ValueSign.png1 MeadowbellSeedIcon.png Meadowbell Seed Seeds ValueSign.png1
0% ValueSign.png1 MysterySeedIcon.png Mystery Seed Seeds ValueSign.png1
-15% ValueSign.png34 NackleFishIcon.png Nackle Fish Fish ValueSign.png40
0% ValueSign.png1 PopomoSeedIcon.png Popomo Seed Seeds ValueSign.png1
-16% ValueSign.png42 PotatoIcon.png Potato Food ValueSign.png50
-16% ValueSign.png80 SeasoningIcon.png Seasoning Food ValueSign.png95
0% ValueSign.png1 SinosaSeedIcon.png Sinosa Seed Seeds ValueSign.png1
-16% ValueSign.png74 WarmMilkIcon.png Warm Milk Food ValueSign.png88
0% ValueSign.png1 WildoburrSeedIcon.png Wildoburr Seed Seeds ValueSign.png1
-16% ValueSign.png351 YangFishIcon.png Yang Fish Fish ValueSign.png420
-16% ValueSign.png351 YinFishIcon.png Yin Fish Fish ValueSign.png420
-16% ValueSign.png731 GigalevFishIcon.png Gigalev Fish Fish ValueSign.png870

Likes & Dislikes[]

This Tradesman does not like fish and cooked dishes.