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Trading Post is a type of location in Gemea. Each trading post offers a special resource for trading. You can also find residents, quests, and sprites in trading posts. There is a trader who offers things for barter in every post as well.

List of Trading Posts[edit | edit source]

Name Region Resource Needed Resource Offered Trader
Conks Lumber Yard Sunderwind Wilds WoodIcon.pngWood PlankIcon.pngPlank Tradesman: Springmoor
Deconstruction Den Dapplewood Forest Any BitsAndBobsIcon.pngBits and Bobs Tradesman: Deconstruction Den
Fiffledip Tanners Hearthwind Vale HideIcon.pngHide LeatherIcon.pngLeather Tradesman: Fiffledip Tanners
Frostfire Potters The Shivering Plains ClayIcon.pngClay ClayPotIcon.pngClay Pot Tradesman: Frostfire Potters
Riverdrift Mill Crestfall Coast CeliumFlowerIcon.png ButtaberryFlowerIcon.png MoonsilkFlowerIcon.png Flowers FlourIcon.pngFlour Tradesman: Riverdrift Mill