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TwineIcon.png Twine
A strong thread made by twisting two dried vine strands together.
Value ValueSign.png11
Crafting 2xVineIcon.png or 8xFodderIcon.png

Twine is a craftable item made by Wayfarers.

Source[edit | edit source]

Twine can be crafted by Wayfarer from 2xVineIcon.pngVine or 8xFodderIcon.pngFodder.

It can also be traded for in Inglenook.

Twine can also be found in barrels and crates by breaking them with a MalletIcon.pngMallet.

Uses[edit | edit source]




  • 1 used in FieldHatIcon.pngField Hat
  • 1 used in HedgeFenceIcon.pngHedge Fence
  • Tailor

  • 1 used in CanvasRucksackIcon.pngCanvas Rucksack
  • 1 used in CardiganIcon.pngCardigan
  • 1 used in FloppyBeanieIcon.pngFloppy Beanie
  • 1 used in LeatherHaversackIcon.pngLeather Haversack
  • 1 used in LeatherPlackartIcon.pngLeather Plackart
  • 1 used in LightBlouseIcon.pngLight Blouse
  • 1 used in LongSleeveWrapIcon.pngLong-Sleeve Wrap
  • 1 used in RaincoatIcon.pngRain Coat
  • 1 used in RoundSatchelBackpackIcon.pngRound Satchel Backpack
  • 1 used in TailorsKitIcon.pngTailor's Kit
  • 1 used in TiedDimijeIcon.pngTied Dimije
  • 1 used in TravelerSlacksIcon.pngTraveler Slacks