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She is looking for her Master Joke.
Location Gemea

Violet is one of the residents in Yonder. She needs the player's help in order to find her master joke.


Violet is a young woman with blond MidLengthSweptIcon.pngMid-Length Swept. She wears LightBlouseIcon.pngLight Blouse and ShortShortsIcon.pngShort Shorts.


She wanders through Gemea in order to find her Master Joke. She can be found in almost every town, usually near the entrance. You need to speak with her at every location in order for her to find the Master Joke.

  • Akuna Oasis: she is at the town's exit, under one of the watchtowers.
  • Arbre Ridge: she is near the town's entrance, under a big tree close to the fence.
  • Bobbintoff: she is near the town's entrance.
  • Cinderton: she is besides the candles near the entrance to the cave the town is in.
  • Fairmont: she is near the town's gate.
  • Inglenook: she is under a rope bridge deep in the glacier gap.
  • Mocha Bay: she is at the town's entrance near Kozi's shop.
  • Wimblewick: she is near the town's docks on the paved road.


Violet tells a different joke each time you talk to her. Her jokes are below..

What music are Fabbits scared of?

Flop music.

Why did a Bambex take a ladder to school?

Because there was no door.

What's a Groffle's favourite food?

A moo-usse.

What do you call a Grass Fox with glasses?


What kind of books do sailors like?

Row-mance novels.

What's small and brown?

A Squomble.

Her Master Joke is:

A Groffle, a Fabbit, and a Bambex walk into a bar and say ouch.


After Violet tells you her Master Joke you will get I'm your #1 fan! steam achievement.


Some residents mention Violet if you talk to them:

I heard that there's a girl walking around telling jokes. Who has time for such silliness?!